Ketewomoke Yacht Club

Matinecock Indians


The Matinecock tribe of Indians occupied all of the north shore of Long Island from the Nesequague (now Smithtown) River on the east, to Scouts, or Cow Bay, in Hempstead, on the west.

The chief of the Matinecocks then was Rasecon, and he was called the Sagamore of Ketewomoke, then called by the English, Huntington.  The Ketewomoke Yacht Club was named after the Indian's name for Huntington.

Huntington Town Records, 2

Indian Deed, 1654

This Deed from the Town of Huntington Records is written in partially english and partially a language used by the Matinecock Indian Tribe. It establishes the village's name as 'Ketewomoke'. Later renamed, Huntington.